Monday, May 14, 2012

Birthday money

what would you do with money you got as a birthday present?  WELL, if you are a crafter like me you buy some craft project to do. After seeing this on a blog I like to read I decided that I wanted to do something close to that but I also needed some numbers for birthday pictures. So i combined the two and said these would be great if I was able to start the preschool I want to. So instead of buying myself something I don't need like food or shoes I bought some letters and some paper.  I am very happy with the end project which was less than $20!! Also since tulle and ribbon were on sale I naturally bought stuff to make skirts! which I really LOVE!!!!

After making a mistake when cutting the black out for the two I went through all of my scrap booking papers and found the nice sparkly stripped paper that the two now has on it and I like it a whole lot more!!
I chose mostly black and white to go with nannahs Zebra themed room.

I am so excited to have this! The wall is not so empty anymore!

Look at that BELLY!!

WHAT a cheeser!

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  1. Those numbers are very cool - no wonder she is smiling so big.