Friday, May 18, 2012

sleeping bag

we are going camping in a couple weeks and I am sick of always borrowing everything from my parents. So I searched only for sleeping bags. I decided I was going to try and make them for the two older girls. (if possible) i found several sites and ideas and my mind started working on the cheapest possible way to make one. I was looking around the house and found an old comforter and decided it would be perfect for one of them. So here are some of the steps I took to make my first sleeping bag! 
The comforter that I found in my house.

I decided I could do two layers on the bottom and one on top.

Cut the top off of the top layer. I took the batting from that
 and added it in the bottom and folded the bottom to make a pillow.
the picture below is after it was folded and sewn to make a pillow.

 a bag I made for the ribbon to hold when the sleeping bag is not rolled up.

here is the sleeping bad finished
Melly loves it and wants to sleep in it!

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